Carol Burnett and Louis Briel with the portrait of Carrie Hamilton, Carol's daughter - Bill Youngblood Photo
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PERSONAL AND FAMILY PORTRAITS include portraits of individuals, family groups, children, anniversary and wedding tributes, people and their pets.

CORPORATE AND INSTITUTIONAL PORTRAITS include college and university presidents, professors and deans, civic and political leaders, medical professionals, ministers and religious leaders, corporation executives and board members, judges and attorneys, sports and entertainment figures. Portraits are often painted to honor major charitable donors.

POSTHUMOUS PORTRAITS are done to honor lost loved ones and are often an important part of the healing process.

Most portrait commissions range from $3500 – $20,000.

             Painting by Louis Briel  "Jack Larson and Dewy " 30" X 30" acrylic/canvas  2000       
             Photo by Alexa Welch Eglund/Richmond Times Dispatch

Feature article by Roy Proctor for the Richmond Times Dispatch